Q11 - The Black Album - Dramatic Reading

Dramatic Reading in der Oberstufe - The Black Album

Lektürearbeit in der Oberstufe?

Und noch dazu auf Englisch?!?

Und dann auch noch ein Drama!?!

Das am Ende niemand so richtig verstanden hat???

Analyse, Analyse, Analyse… Warum aber nicht nach „getaner Arbeit“ einfach mal das machen, wofür ein Drama gedacht ist? Es wurde ja nicht geschrieben, um analysiert zu werden! Sondern um inszeniert zu werden.

Und das wurde dann auch gemacht. Zwar nicht auf der Bühne, aber in Form von szenischem Lesen, dramatic reading also.

Die Englisch-Profis der Q11 haben sich an diese Aufgabe gemacht und präsentieren hier ihre Ergebnisse:

The play The Black Album by Hanif Kureishi was first performed at the National Theatre, London, on 14 July 2009. It is based on the novel published 14 years earlier.

The year 1989 towards the end of the Thatcher years when the fatwa was imposed on Salman Rushdie for his novel “Satanic Verses”. Hanif Kureishi’s protagonist, Shahid, a naively joins a group of radical students, who are likewise Muslims of Pakistani extraction and have grown up in Great Britain. They reject Western values, symbolically burning Salman Rushie’s Satanic Verses because of its supposed blasphemy and are prepared to go on the path of terrorism. Will his teacher and girlfriend, Deedee be able to save him from the clutches of his fanatical friends? Will he in the end embrace Western liberalism and tolerance?


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Scene 7 (Lisa, Laura, Vanessa, Tamara, Annalena, Armina, Steffi)

The main character Shahid, a young Pakistani, moved to London to study. There he gets in contact with a radical Muslim group. Shahid has a secret affair with one of his teachers, Deedee Osgood. Last nigth, Shahid was at a party at Deedee's house. Now it's the next day and the group is meeting in Shahid's room.


Scene 9 (Bruno, Michael, Maik, Tobias)

Shahid is late. He is wearing traditional Arabic clothes. The scene before they have discovered the “holy aubergine”. Moreover, Shahid has prevented Chad from killing a young racist.


Scene 11 (Jessica, Maria, Johanna, Theresa, Alexandra, Sophia)

In scene 11 Riaz and his group protest against a book called “Satanic Verses” because it criticizes Muslim values. Though Shahid and Deedee want to prevent their plan to destroy the book Riaz and Hat finally burn it.


Scene 12 (Yvonne, Konstantin, Joachim, Simon, Christoph)

As Shahid, a young guy with Pakistan origins, moves to London to study there, he is confronted by opposite fronts. On one side he gets to know Riaz and his extremist group of Muslims, on the other he stays in close contact to his college teacher Deedee, a representative of modern Western values.

While Shahid is converting Riaz’s book into print, the group decides to pay Deedee a visit.